Goshen Township Fire and Police Station and Administration Offices

Goshen Township Fire and Police Station and Administration Offices

Bunnell Hill Construction completed a 20,000 SF Fire and Police Station and Administrative Office for Goshen Township on a 3-acre piece of land. The construction was completed within a 6-month time frame. This new public office building will allow Goshen Township to better serve their residents and will also provide firefighters, law enforcement, and administrative township employees with more of the space and resources they need.

An important focus at The Schueler Group of Companies is elevating the communities in our region. Your growth is our growth, and we’ve completed public and private projects in commercial real estate development for nearly 9 decades.

Our team of commercial realtors, developers and contractors work together to acquire the space the city needs, redevelop it, and construct the facility, whether it be department offices like these or athletic centers for high school students. Our commercial general contractors at BHC often complete public commercial construction projects like these for area towns whose growth has caused a need to expand. You can take a look at some of our other completed public projects here.


Now is The Time to Construct New Commercial Locations

Bunnell Hill Construction offers the advantage of building to match your exact needs. Unlike pre-existing real estate, commercial construction allows you to design the space to your needs. From layout and floor plans to specialized infrastructure, every aspect can be customized. Optimize for your workflow, efficiency, and functionality. Whether it is office spaces, retail, or industrial, customized construction create a building to support your unique operation. By working with architects, engineers, and contractors, you can ensure that every detail meets your specific needs.  Designed to enhance productivity, employee satisfaction, and client experiences.

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