How to find Commercial Land to Develop

How to find Commercial Land to Develop

Written By:  Jeff Eichhorn

Executive Vice President

Henkle Schueler & Associates

Anyone who reads the headlines would believe there is hardly any land left to develop in Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky.

This is disturbing, as it dissuades commercial enterprises from shopping in our part of the region.

However, the truth is quite the opposite — Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky commercial real estate is rich with opportunities for any business that wants to locate in this vibrant area. For businesses looking to expand into the Midwest markets, developable land along the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor and down into Northern Kentucky is the best place to accomplish that.

We are ripe with a highly-qualified workforce, several top universities and colleges attracting talent, a low cost of living, endless amenities, pro sports and entertainment, and a temperate climate that makes it optimal for any growing business. Not to mention that the shallow, rolling hills and flats near the Ohio River make land development simple in terms of logistics.

Tips for Locating the Best Commercial Land to Develop:

1. Look for a company or brokerage that has large office or industrial parks as part of their portfolio.

Companies that stand the test of time know that office and industrial parks have been part of the past and will be part of the future. Working with a real estate developer whose portfolio has many different commercial parks means that you have a choice in location and diversity.

  • Your future is about locating the best parcels for future growth and development. A good partner will have the knowledge to select these locations and marry them to your future.
  • Look for a company or brokerage that understands and can deliver on location. Choosing the best location for your business expansion means working with a commercial real estate firm who is thoroughly apprised of market trends and up-and-coming areas in the region.
  • Companies that have been in existence multiple decades have likely acquired the choice acreage in the region. In Southwest Ohio, this means doing business with organizations that own thousands of acres of land along key interstates, including existing commercial properties and empty acreage for sale along established corridors.
  • Location is also key to the future of your business. Acreage of land and tenure in the market means that you will have your choice of an optimal site. Your future is tied to the land that you select. Work with a partner who is steeped in this knowledge.

Choosing the right commercial land seals this deal, so the real estate developers you partner with should have a portfolio diverse enough to meet any business’ growth needs.

2. business with a company that both owns property and has in-house brokers.

Simply put, this means choosing a comprehensive commercial real estate company: one-stop shopping and a single point of contact for all parts of your business’ growth phase.

  • Your purchase of commercial land requires an adept and experienced broker. Your broker will best situate you with knowledge, be available 24-7, and understand where the best parcels exist for your company’s unique needs.
  • If your commercial real estate broker is also employed by the company that owns that land, they also have front-row access to the most developable locations.
  • Not only does this mean that you have coverage for all parts of your expansion process; it also means you have access to the resources of the broker as well as their integrated commercial land development firm as well.

Brokers who work in a group of companies that offer comprehensive commercial real estate services understand that the best commercial parcels will also anticipate your future business growth. They’ll help you through the selection of the premier site, design of your future-focused facility, project financing, construction that goes the distance, and property management.

3. Do business with companies who hire and retain the best people.

The land that your company selects, along with the people you hire, are the two most important decisions to be made in any business growth strategy. These are the people who understand that your public must find you and develop a connection to your enterprise for your business to succeed and continue to grow.

Knowing the commercial real estate firm you choose makes every effort to collect top talent and retain that talent for the course of their career ensures your company expansion goes smoothly, because the best people in the local commercial real estate market managing it.

4. Locate a brokerage and land organization that knows Southwest Ohio.

If your company is looking to expand into the Midwestern markets, the real estate brokerage and developer you choose will know the culture, market, and geography of Southwest Ohio. This should include access to vast holdings which extend to both sides of the Ohio River and beyond Warren County. The firm should employ attentive commercial real estate agents who quickly connect with you and your business proposition, and work to secure the ideal location.

Your relationship with your customers commences when they locate you, so choose a commercial real estate brokerage who knows how to best balance proximity to your customer base with finding developable land that allows for future company expansions. After all, the goal of any business is constant and continued growth, right?

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