Work with a Company Who Has Been There Before

Work with a Company Who Has Been There Before

October 11, 2016

Written by: Mike Schueler

Article featured in the Cincinnati Business Courier.  Click here for the link.

Trends, ups and downs, have long been part of the land and development business.

This is one of the few industries that requires sound investment, patience and guidance from folks who have been there before and best understand your own business objectives.
Your site, the location and quality of the parcel will be one of your most significant… more

How should a company choose with whom to conduct business — or, simply put, how do you determine who is going to help you to select your site, construct your facility and manage what is likely your largest investment?

1. Work with an organization that’s been there before
Our economy will always have ups and downs. This is as extreme as the Great Depression and the Great Recession. It also includes major real estate booms and busts. Though many folks predict these cycles, no one knows for certain. Work with people who guard against the highs and lows and are proven to use sound judgement.

2. Work with an organization that owns and manages considerable land
Your site, the location and quality of the parcel will be one of your most significant decisions. While you likely have a gut feeling about where you want to be, you likely have not studied the variances of the land use and affordability of each location. Work with a company that both owns and brokers parcels and can be truthful and direct about their knowledge.

3. Work with an organization that understands the international panacea and the global marketplace
Whether you are a domestic business or located out of the country, it is important that your choice of partner knows how world events will impact your future. This can only happen with an organization which has spent significant time and energy in overseas markets. Your partner should be steeped in this knowledge

4. Work with a partner who has demonstrated what a single point of contact looks like
You and your senior team members are busy running your business and staying focused. This means that your partner should be able to answer all of your questions and take your project from start to finish.

5. Ensure that there is a personality fit
You will work closely with your partner. This means much interaction and trust. It also means that you often will defer to their decisions. Get to know these individuals, check references and know that this is a marriage.

Mike Schueler is the CEO and Chairman of Schueler Group. Mike has spent the past four decades in land acquisition/brokerage, construction, real estate and property management business. Schueler Group is located in Lebanon, Ohio, serving southwest Ohio and other regions. His company provides a single point of contact to assist clients’ needs.


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