Day: November 30, 2017

FOOD NEWS: Local Italian restaurant has new ownership after 10 years

 This article was featured on and written by MARK FISHER, Staff Writer An independent Kettering restaurant that was founded in January 2008 has new owners who intend to keep the name and build on the restaurant’s success. Palermo’s Restaurant at 2667 S. Dixie Drive was sold by its founder, Mefail “Meef” Demnika, to brothers Maher and […]

It Can Be Easier to Build a Space of Your Dreams Than Buy It

It’s common that you may not find exactly what you need in the commercial real estate market. Your buildings or land needs can be very specific and what you need may not exist already. Today, you can instead opt to buy real estate and then build what suits you and your team best. You can tailor a space to your exact specifications. You and your team can make sure that it meets your unique requirements. While it involves additional time and investment, it provides full creative control. You can choose your layout, design, and functionality. Sometimes, repurposing existing structures can be cheaper this way. You can still have the space you want while building it into an existing structure. You can craft a space that suits your business needs and long-term growth in an evolving commercial landscape.

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