Henkle Schueler: Our Agents Treat You Like Family

Henkle Schueler: Our Agents Treat You Like Family

Crystal Duncan has been a professional residential Realtor since 1998 and we are fortunate that she has called Henkle Schueler Realtors, the residential arm of Schueler Group, her home for the past six years.

To her clients, she is family. Many come to her for their first home and return when it is time to sell and purchase their next family home. Crystal works in Clinton, Warren, Highland, Clermont, Hamilton and Montgomery Counties. Her breadth and depth into these markets is significant. Not only does she sell single family homes, but often farms and farm land. Land has been a long time component of Schueler Group’s portfolio.

When asked what it is like to work for Henkle Schueler, Crystal explains, “It is like family. We treat one another like family. Daryl (who runs the residential office, located in Lebanon, Ohio adjacent to the historic Golden Lamb) motivates us. He provides training and support. People at our office look out for each other.”

“Importantly, the company pays great commissions. And when I am working with the buyer and the seller, I lower the commission to make it as painless as possible for the client.”

Crystal has a home staging business, called RealeStaged. This makes the home presentable and ready to sell. Most of her listings sell within two weeks – a testament to her commitment, know-how, understanding of the market and the importance of proper staging.

And Crystal, while successful, has a thriving family life. She and her husband raised four children and he is a homebuilder. In her earlier years she explains that “he built them and I sold them.”

She also laughs and explains that she loves to travel, exercise and shop. Her shopping is about items used in staging that improve the look and feel of the homes she is selling.

When asked about the experience in working with her, she says “I want to keep it fun. It is a stressful time. Listening to the clients is most important.”

Crystal, like other members of the residential team are committed to the buyer and the seller. Importantly, she has the support of Schueler Group with our long tenure of understanding the market and the people in it. To learn more, please call us.


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