Day: July 3, 2018

Tractor Supply Store, Carrollton, KY

Tractor Supply Store, Carrollton, KY

Bunnell Hill Development and Construction celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Tractor Supply Store in Carrollton, KY on Saturday, June 30th. The Bunnell Hill team worked together to develop and build a new 20,000 SF Tractor Supply store.  The store had a great opening weekend and we are proud to have been a part of […]

You May Want to Renew that Office Lease

In a post-pandemic world, quality office spaces are still important in mixed work environments. While remote work is clearly valuable, offices offer teams different things. Collaboration, innovation, and social connections that are hard to have online. Offices are a central hub for face-to-face interactions. They foster teamwork and spontaneous idea exchanges that can help creativity and problem-solving. They also enable mentorship and onboarding for new employees. Offices can create a sense of belonging and shared purpose among staff. In hybrid models, offices become essential spaces that balance flexibility and collaboration. If you’re a company that started online during the pandemic, you may want to find an office space to lease.

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