Bunnell Hill Construction Completes Melink HQ2 Office and Warehouse Building

Bunnell Hill Construction Completes Melink HQ2 Office and Warehouse Building

Bunnell Hill Construction completed the construction of the Melink HQ2 30,000 SF office and warehouse and light assembly building. 

This is the second project we have built for Melink, whose corporate campus is located in Cincinnati, OH. We previously completed their first Headquarters (HQ1) in 2005. The previous facility was Ohio’s first LEED Gold certified building and achieved Platinum status after completion. The new building is a Zero-Energy building (ZEB) and will serve as a model for how to design and build Zero-Energy properties. 

Schueler Group and Melink are both invested in raising the bar for how commercial contractors design and perform commercial construction. Often, industrial projects are considered harmful to the environment, but Melink is proving this doesn’t have to be the case. HQ1 was a breakthrough in constructing green industrial properties, and HQ2 is going to take everything a step further. Geothermal HVAC systems, solar panel parking lot covers and solar PV electric generation are all going to contribute to this new building being at the forefront of the ZEB movement.

Bunnell Hill Construction, our in-house commercial construction company, helped to design and complete HQ1, and they worked with Melink again to create HQ2, which is a literal 2.0 version of HQ1. This expansion of Melink’s campus allowed our team at BHC to gain even more experience in green commercial construction; another way The Schueler Group is innovating new ways to help businesses in Cincinnati and its surrounding areas to grow in a manner that looks to the future and longevity of Southwest OH, Northern KY commercial and industrial markets.

Check out Melink’s site for a timeline on the HQ2 project, from design planning in late 2018 to completion in late 2019.


Residential and commercial realty work are related but distinct

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