Day: March 12, 2020

Land near CVG sold for $3.1M to be developed

Land near CVG sold for $3.1M to be developed

The Schueler Group has done it again! We were recently featured in the Cincinnati Business Courier as their Deal of the Week. One of our repeat clients, IDI Logistics, has chosen a prime lot from our portfolio of industrial properties for sale – a 31-acre plot at our Lakeland Business center. Our own Jeff Eichhorn, […]

Keep that Upward Momentum: Call Schueler Group for Business Growth Help

As Southwest Ohio’s most established and prolific real estate firm, we offer comprehensive, single-point-of-contact commercial real estate services to businesses in the area as well as all over the country. We have a long history of growth that has allowed us, in turn, to help the businesses and local economies of our area grow. Our focus as a group of companies is to help companies facilitate stable growth for long-term upward momentum. It’s a reciprocal relationship; our growth is your growth, and as we all grow, so do our communities. Schueler Group is the place to call when your business is ready for an expansion; we have the resources to guide you from start to finish seamlessly and stably.

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