Janet Longacre Steps into a New Role with Schueler Group

Janet Longacre Steps into a New Role with Schueler Group

Schueler Group has promoted Janet Longacre to Administrative Vice President. In her new role, Janet will oversee all real estate closings for Henkle Schueler and Bunnell Hill Development, as well as assist with all future commercial property development prospects and deals. She will continue to be involved in farm property syndications for Henkle Schueler.

“In this new role, Janet will help move deals forward in a smoother and quicker fashion,” said Mike Schueler. “This will allow both companies to function more efficiently while maintaining our professionalism and high standard of work.”

Janet’s Journey at the Schueler Group of Companies 

Janet was originally hired as an employee of our planning/development arm, Bunnell Hill Development, where she worked with Randy Gunlock and eventually moved to assist Mike Schueler. The two have been working together over the past several decades. Over the years, Janet has worked in all aspects of the real estate industry and assisted in all phases of real estate deals. She has been a leasing agent and realtor for Henkle Schueler, and has assisted in the development of Timbercreek, Crooked Tree and numerous other commercial real estate developments.

Congratulations to Janet on this new and well-deserved promotion!


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