Bunnell Hill Construction Named Best Commercial Construction Company in Ohio

Bunnell Hill Construction Named Best Commercial Construction Company in Ohio

Bunnell Hill Construction was recently named the Best Commercial Construction Company in Ohio by Ohio Business Magazine.

We take great pride in the work we do for the people, businesses and organizations of our region. To receive this award from Ohio Business Magazine is truly an honor. This award is especially significant to us because it is voted on by the people of the great state of Ohio. With over 85 years of history in commercial real estate development in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, we are invested in our local communities: their growth is our growth.

Thousands of people voted in the Best of Ohio Business Awards in 2020, and we are grateful to everyone who voted for Bunnell Hill Construction.

A proud part of the Schueler Group’s comprehensive commercial real estate development firm, Bunnell Hill Construction is well-known for its high-quality work, attention to detail and excellent customer service. Our general contractors at BHC have completed projects all over the country for growing companies of all sizes, from constructing new Tractor Supply Co. locations to renovating the local historic Black Horse Tavern.

Our goal with every commercial construction project is to provide clients with reliable, efficient and customized build-to-suit solutions that are delivered safely, on-time and on budget. This is true for projects large or small. BHC has routinely proven they go above and beyond with their commercial construction services, finishing projects within parameters even in cases of supply line disruption or extreme adverse weather.

Schueler Group’s regional portfolio of commercial land for lease or property for sale stretches from Dayton, throughout Greater Cincinnati and into northern Kentucky. We are seamlessly able to finance, design, build and manage commercial development projects. In addition, we negotiate local and state incentives that benefit our clients. This is a distinct privilege of ours, as over decades of fostering commercial and industrial development and growth, we have developed cooperative relationships with local governments.

We are proud of the work that we do. And we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the people, businesses and organizations of Ohio.

Here is what the Ohio Business Magazine had to say about Bunnell Hill Construction in its special Best of Ohio Business Awards publication:

“In this, our inaugural Best in Ohio Business Awards, we wanted to honor the many businesses and services that make Ohio such a great place to do business. From architectural firms and chambers of commerce to meeting and event centers and dinner locations, we cover it all in this feature. Thousands of people voted in this online competition for their favorites in 91 categories. We asked this year’s winners why they won in their respective categories and included a selection of their responses. We at Ohio Business Magazine are excited to celebrate these winners with these brand-new awards.

Commercial Construction Company
The Schueler Group
300 Henkle Drive, Lebanon

“Our success begins with our people. We have a great team of dedicated individuals who care about their projects, and the overall success of the company. We also value the ability of our subcontractor teams we assemble for each project. None of our success or continued business growth is possible without our customers.” – Kevin Scott, president”

To see the article in Ohio Business Magazine, and to read more about other winners in the Best in Ohio Business Awards, visit www.ohiobusinessmag.com/best-in-ohio-business-2020.


Things to Consider When Looking for Land to Lease

Why might it make sense to look for acreage to rent for a commercial development, rather than buying it? Any number of reasons. The ideal piece of land for your business plans may not be for sale, but you may be able to obtain use of it through a lease agreement. Leasing a given plot of land will usually require less of an initial outlay of money than buying it, which means more of your investment funds can go toward construction and business development. A common way to structure a deal to rent land for development is for the tenant to sign a long-term lease for the land, and build a facility, which they then own, on the leased site. When the lease term is over, ownership of the building can pass to the landowner or stay with the tenant, depending on the lease terms.

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