Bunnell Hill Construction Celebrates GMi Expansion Groundbreaking

Bunnell Hill Construction Celebrates GMi Expansion Groundbreaking

Bunnell Hill Construction commercial contractors kicked off 2021 with a Groundbreaking celebration at GMi Companies in Lebanon, OH on January 4, 2021.

GMi is undertaking a 36,000 SF expansion that will be used for bulk material storage in a gravity fed racking system. The proposed addition will be 32’ clear height and will add about 18’ to the existing building. This expansion is GMi’s biggest project to date, and is one of several new commercial construction projects overseen by Schueler Group subsidiaries in Southwest Ohio. GMi has taken advantage of our company’s full service commercial real estate services before, and our team looks forward to working again with GMi to deliver another successful project.


Minimizing Risk with Professional Real Estate Management

Commercial property development can be a high-risk venture. Even minor issues can lead to significant losses in profit and reputation. With so many variables to consider, from zoning and permits to construction delays and cost overruns, the potential for costly mistakes is significant. Fortunately, there are companies with vast experience managing real estate projects. They provide expert advice to investors, developers and owners, making sure they stay in compliance with local laws and regulations, and provide guidance on the best strategies for maximizing returns. With their help, investors can make informed decisions and reduce the risk of costly errors, allowing their projects to be successful and profitable

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