Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to The Schueler Group! Check out the video below for an introduction to our comprehensive commercial real estate firm and testimonials from some of our most recent clients, including Wyoming City School District, IDI Logistics, and GMi Companies. Our goal is to make our clients’ visions come to life. As Kevin Scott, President of our in-house commercial construction arm says in this video, the Schueler Group’s philosophy is: “Get up, go to work, and take care of the customer.” Check out the video below to learn more about what we do and how we can help you!



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Why Businesses Looking to Expand are Choosing SW Ohio and Northern KY

The Cincinnati-Dayton corridor, all the way down past Union, KY, is growing. It’s growing at a quick rate and in all directions. Soon, the commerce between Dayton and Cincinnati alone is expected to create one mega metropolitan area. What does this mean for a business looking to grow into the Midwest markets? It means stable projected growth, safe investments, and early prime spots in a near-future hub for industry and commerce for many national distribution change, manufacturers, logistics companies, and more. That, in turn means better economies, more jobs, more stability and more market growth. This area’s upward cycle should be a huge selling point for any business looking to enter the Cincinnati-Dayton-Northern Kentucky marketplace.

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