Bunnell Hill Development Sells PetSuites in Spring, TX

Bunnell Hill Development Sells PetSuites in Spring, TX

Bunnell Hill Development recently sold their PetSuites location in Spring, Texas on Louetta Rd. 

The Spring location was the third property we developed for PetSuites. It opened in August of 2020. The property sale closed on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021. We listed this property in May of 2021, and within a week had it under contract!  

Bunnell Hill Development has two additional properties in the Houston area under construction. We are also under construction for sites in the Mason and West Lake areas of Ohio. It’s been a busy couple of years for our real estate development company, and The Schueler Group as a whole! We’ve got a lot of exciting projects going on.

Additionally, Bunnell Hill Development is researching new sites for PetSuites in multiple states. One of our focuses is cultivating strong, long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and promises fulfilled. It allows us to create the best strategies for their business expansions with the big picture in mind, and it helps us grow our business as well. PetSuites is one of our many valued, repeat clients who we enjoy working with on every new project they have us complete. 

We are proud to continue to work with and develop sites for PetSuites, and are excited to see their success across multiple markets. 


Types of Commercial Property for Sale on the Cincinnati CRE Market

With the strong and steady expansion of commerce along the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor, the commercial property market is booming; small business expansions, national companies entering the region, and industrial development are all on the rise. The diversity of growth we’re seeing within this regional interstate corridor is a double-edged sword. On a regional economic level, this type of diverse growth is sustainable long term, which is the ideal type of economic growth. On a buyer’s level, this type of growth means that if you are looking for commercial buildings on the market, you have to be aggressive. Whether retail, office, medical, public, warehouse, or others, businesses looking to expand into the Cincinnati are need to be on their toes.

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