Day: January 20, 2022

Commercial Real Estate Agents have Specialized Skills

Commercial Real Estate Agents have Specialized Skills

While residential real estate and commercial real estate definitely overlap, there are some key differences that make the type of real estate agent you work with important for getting the best deal on a commercial transaction. In the same way that an oral surgeon is a dentist with additional expertise, commercial real estate agents are […]

Residential vs Commercial Real Estate Agent: Similar Fields, Different Specialties

Ever wondered what separates commercial real estate agents from their residential counterparts? Foundationally, not a lot; both deal in property market sales, and both need an understanding of the given economy of their location. But there are also a lot of differences between residential and commercial real estate agents. Commercial agents and brokers deal in projects that can be hundreds of millions of dollars. They must understand market trajectories and political climates of their locales, know how to pursue alternative financing, manage development and construction processes, and build long-term relationships with clients. It’s a more specialized type of real estate, with many more moving parts and much longer timelines.

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