Day: June 15, 2022

Looking at CRE Trends & Projections for 2022

Looking at CRE Trends & Projections for 2022

We’re a solid two years into the COVID pandemic, and it has had a profound impact on commercial and industrial real estate, not to mention daily life across the nation. From the microcosm of a single family to the macrocosm of the US economy, everything has changed, and many of these changes aren’t going anywhere. […]

Understanding the Trajectory of Cincinnati Commercial Realty

In real estate, nothing is a sure thing. That’s why market analyses have to be thorough, taking into account what could go right, but equally, what could go wrong. The good news is, the commercial real estate market in Cincinnati might just be the closest property market to a sure thing. This region has been growing in commerce for decades, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, as the Cincinnati and Dayton areas inch closer towards each other, commercial growth will likely increase in momentum. With a prime location near an international airport and thousands of acres of industrial land, Cincinnati’s real estate market is the gateway for businesses looking to enter Midwest and Southeast markets.

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