Farmland Real Estate Advice

Farmland Real Estate Advice


A successful agricultural business has very specific needs when searching for new land to purchase. A top-notch rural commercial real estate broker should be able to provide you with an understanding of the local farming industry and its history.  They should also highlight any potential environmental or safety regulations. Furthermore, a broker that’s up to snuff should be able to help you get rough cost estimates for transportation of your goods from farm to market.

Understanding Farm Real Estate Geology

A real estate agent specializing in farmland should be well informed of any geological logistics regarding the soil on all land available for sale or lease. Is the soil still fertile? Is there a slip potential? A knowledgeable broker will insist on soil testing and analysis so that you can better understand the potential profitability of the land. Is the farmland or former farmland zoned for commercial, retail or industrial use?

Suitable Farmland Warehousing Locations

Farmland near transportation access can be a fantastic location for a new warehouse. Make sure your real estate broker has experience in the industrial sector. They should have at least cursory familiarity with the logistics of moving and storing goods, as well as the specific requirements of the local zoning laws. There are sometimes many modern warehouses for sale or lease- which a quality real estate broker should be able to direct you towards the moment they hit the market.

Space to Grow Your Small Business

We’ve all seen it — farmland is often converted into commercial or retail development. Providers of real estate services for small businesses should be familiar with the local business climate and have a good understanding of the potential for small business growth in  the area. Furthermore, a real estate development team worth their salt needs to be able to look at current trends nationally. Any businesses looking to expand should be made aware of applicable trends so  their investment doesn’t end up underwater.

Good brokers can also give you demographic information for retail spaces and pinpoint rental locations in the area with the most traffic. Commercial farmland brokers tied to full-service development companies like Schueler Group can you also help you weigh the costs of your lease versus the potential profit you’d make.

Commercial Real Estate Teams Combine All This Knowledge and More

You’ll want a team of experts sharing this knowledge to ensure you’re making an informed decision for your next real estate purchase, farmland or not. Having a genuine interest in the market and spending the time to learn its trends is important- but having a good relationship with contractors, developers, and local government officials are all marks of a real estate broker who can take your property beyond what anyone can achieve on their own.


Exploring the Benefits of Leasing Land

Often, experts will tell you that owning land is the best approach when looking to open up a business or rent out property. But did you know that there are cases where renting a piece of land would create better opportunities for your needs? Not only does it require less upfront capital to lease a piece of land than it would to own it, but gaining access to the acreage is also a much quicker process. Other possible benefits include taking advantage of what might already be a prime location. The Schueler Group has access to a variety of land for lease that can be tailored to you and your needs.

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