Will a Cincinnati-Dayton Metro Marriage Finally Happen? front of Schueler Group office

Will a Cincinnati-Dayton Metro Marriage Finally Happen?

The 2020 U.S. Census is underway. And when the results of the federal government’s latest 10-year population survey come back, we could finally see an important development for the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor that’s been anticipated and talked about for at least the last two decades: the official combination of the two urban centers into a single […]

The Best Commercial Realty Firm Offers a Range of Expertise

A company that brokers commercial real estate obviously needs to know the ins and outs of finding, buying, selling and leasing land and buildings for business use. A good commercial realtor likewise needs to have a deep and detailed knowledge of the regional commercial real estate market, and maintain an extensive set of listings for customers to choose from. When a realty firm also has in-house expertise in business planning and development, commercial construction contracting, and property management, it can make the process of finding and obtaining a site for commercial development, and carrying that process through every step to opening a new business and beyond, much easier and more seamless.

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