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The terms of a commercial leasing arrangement can be a significant factor in the success of a business. All kinds of conditions and details can be specified in a business lease; including its term or length; as well as any provisions for transferring or assigning it to another tenant if you need to move out earlier than expected, or for subletting part of the space. A commercial lease will also lay out whether or not your rent payment includes operating expenses such as utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance. In addition, the lease can state any “build-out” provisions allowing for improvements to the space; and even whether a competing business can rent a space near yours.

Assistance with all aspects of renting a space

The right commercial real estate broker can provide assistance in not only finding the right business space to lease, but also in working through the details of a lease, and weighing the pluses and minuses of the particular rental agreement you are considering.

Whether you’re in the market to lease office, retail, mixed-use or industrial space, the Schueler Group can help you find the best location to meet your business growth needs. We list commercial properties available to lease in all property categories. We can also help you analyze the benefits of leasing versus buying, and provide tenant/landlord representation.

The Schueler Group can find you the right space to rent for your business needs.

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