Nobody Knows Our Region’s Commercial Property Market Better

Throughout our company’s long history, we’ve expanded and deepened our expert knowledge of the varied commercial real estate market in the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky area. And over that time, we’ve watched it grow – the local economies have expanded, small businesses have proliferated and grown, national corporations have entered the area, and our company has grown as well.  

We have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, including buying and selling prime business sites that range from commercial and industrial spaces to retail facilities, business parks, and open land for development. We pride ourselves on finding business properties in the best locations, with attractive frontage that draws in commerce.

With over 80 years of presence in the Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky commercial real estate markets, our theoretical assets: expertise and growth-focused real estate development, are only enhanced by our physical assets: commercial land, industrial properties, retail and office spaces, and industrial land lots in several business parks across the area. We’re invested, both figuratively and literally, in seeing our local businesses and economies thrive as the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor becomes more active, and in continuing our own company’s expansion in the process.

Executive Real Estate Brokers Invested in Local, Long-Term Relationships

Our executive team members live in the area, so they understand the finer points of its property market inside and out. Our sales agents know that the key to success for a commercial realtor lies in building and maintaining long-term relationships that keep satisfied clients coming back to us. We make the extra effort to make sure we understand and are responsive to our clients’ needs.

What makes us unique, besides our ability to offer comprehensive real estate services, is our passion for helping local businesses and local economies grow in industry and commerce. There’s nothing better than having a client return to us each time their company reaches a new expansion stage; we get to see what they’ve accomplished and help them get where they’re trying to go.

An Understanding of Expansion Options for Growing Businesses

Working with Schueler Group’s integrated teams during the real estate process of your business’ expansion project means you have every possible path forward as an available option, and you’ve got the guidance to choose the right one. Some of the types of properties we own, lease, develop, or sell, include:

  • Retail and office space for lease
  • Industrial properties for lease or sale, including properties in our business parks
  • Commercial properties for lease or sale
  • Commercial land for sale: empty acreage/farmland and lots in our business parks

When clients come to us with a vision for their future, we have the diverse portfolio to inspire any business to create their best strategy for growth. Our commercial brokers walk you through the process of site selection, including pointing out leased properties with build-to-suit options, or understanding what land development at a given commercial lot would entail.

We Can Handle Every Aspect of Your Real Estate Venture

We’ve been involved in property transactions of all dimensions, including some of record-setting size. With each client we take on, large, small or in-between, we pay attention to the details every step of the way. Our in-house commercial real estate brokerage, Henkle Schueler & Associates, has an active and skilled sales team with the resources and the research to help each client make the best decision on what property will best fuel their company growth.

We’re experienced at handling industrial sites, offices, retail, open land and more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy or lease – we’ve got the market smarts and experience to help guide you through the process to a successful and profitable result. Our listings are among the most extensive in the region, with a variety of types of commercial land and properties in prime locations along the fast-growing Cincinnati-Dayton corridor and down into Northern Kentucky.

The history of our region is deep and rooted in pride for that history, and with 80 years of presence in the region from our headquarters in Lebanon, OH, we’re a part of that history. Brokering commercial real estate is why we were founded, and we bring that history, knowledge and experience to every project. You won’t find better options or better service than here at the Schueler Group of Companies.

We’re More than Just a Brokerage as Well

We don’t stop at being a brokerage. Being a vertically integrated commercial real estate team means our teams can handle every part of a purchase or sale for you. Our team encompasses expertise in three key areas: brokerage, management, and development.

In property management, we can take care of the day-to-day operations of your commercial real estate assets. This includes everything from tenant relations to property maintenance and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the value of your property while minimizing operational headaches.

In development, we have the capability to transform properties to suit your specific needs. Our construction and development experts work to design and build spaces to suit your needs. Whether that means renovating an existing property or starting from the ground up, we’re here for you. This integration of services ensures that we can provide a complete commercial real estate service. We’re there from initial acquisition through long-term management and customized development.

Get In Touch with One of Our Real Estate Agent or Brokers Today

Browse our property listings. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with one of our great commercial real estate agents or brokers; we will always go out of our way to find you exactly what you need.

Our Mission

Our business is your business. We are an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio with the experience and teams necessary to be with you every step of the way on your next real estate project. Research by industry leading experts side-by-side with top-of-the-line construction and management services, this is what we bring to every project we are involved with. The Schueler Group wants to bring your project to fruition, on budget and on time.

Hallmarks of Quality Site Management by a Commercial Landlord

When you’re leasing a commercial or industrial property, the quality of the landlord and their property management team is integral to your business running smoothly. You can tell a lot about a commercial landlord from a walk-through of the property and a look at the lease. Property managers who provide quality site maintenance services will offer lease incentives like building updates, build-to-suit options for their tenants, and regular property inspections to ensure everything in the building consistently runs smoothly. You’ll know you’ve picked the right commercial landlord when their property management style is quick and responsive, and makes your life easier.

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