Our Commercial Realty Firm is at the Heart of Our Business

The Schueler Group of Companies offers 360-degree commercial property development services through four vertically-integrated firms that specialize in, respectively, commercial real estate brokerage, commercial project planning and land development, commercial construction and general contracting, and property management.

Over 85 years ago, we were founded as a commercial real estate brokerage with just 3000 acres of land intended for development. Over the decades, we acquired top land development, commercial construction and site management organizations. This has allowed our single real estate brokerage company to expand into a group of companies with diverse specialties that have helped us to proliferate our services, portfolio, and regional reach. Now, we own, lease, buy and sell hundreds of commercial properties throughout the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region and beyond.

Staying True to Our Roots in Brokering Commercial Properties

The buying and selling of commercial real estate is still central to what we do; it synergistically supports, and is supported by, the work of all the divisions under our corporate umbrella. Every commercial construction project, large or small, starts with a property purchase. Every commercial lease starts with market research, financing and lease negotiations.

Commercial realty is a complicated and nuanced field; it’s a lot different than residential realty. Our in-house commercial real estate firm has served our region for nearly a century, so no one knows how to navigate the purchasing and leasing processes in commercial real estate better.

Our real estate brokerage arm, Henkle Schueler & Associates, is considered one of the top commercial realtors in the Southwest Ohio area, and has expert knowledge of the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton and Northern Kentucky commercial property markets. Our commercial real estate agents and brokers are great at making the site selection, financing and purchasing process easy and exciting, so you can concentrate on planning your expansion for your growing business.

We Cover all the Bases in Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re on the lookout for office, retail, mixed-use or industrial space, or open land to develop, and whether you’re planning to buy or lease, we can help you find the best site or existing facility to meet your business’ needs. We list commercial properties to lease or purchase in a wide range of property categories. And because we’ve been in the area for so long, the commercial properties for sale in our portfolio have the best locations to maximize your potential for success.

In addition to the fundamental task of finding you the right development property, Henkle Schueler agents can also offer a full menu of other real estate development services that include tenant and landlord representation, guidance on zoning and land use regulations, and help with investment sales.

We can assist you to figure out whether buying or leasing is a better option for you, assess the market for your planned business venture, and investigate possible local government tax incentives. If you decide a commercial lease is the best way to go for your growing business, after our realtors at Henkle Schueler get you through the leasing process, they’ll hand you over to our property management division, which provides comprehensive facilities management services for commercial-industrial tenants.

As one of the biggest landowners and property managers in the region, we’re able to show you prime development properties across the region that are second to none, and that includes thousands of acres of farmland for sale that’s situated along major highways. We also list many industrial, office and retail properties for sale or lease.

Coordinated Teams that Provide Comprehensive Real Estate Development Services

Henkle Schueler might be the flagship of our group of companies, but they rarely work alone. The other divisions of Schueler Group are:

  • Bunnell Hill Development
  • BHD is our in-house land development services company. On the front end, their zoning and financing services overlap with the tail end of Henkle Schueler’s services, allowing seamless transition from the commercial property acquisition process to the land/site development process. Between altering the land and installing utility infrastructure, our land developers create the ideal situation for our commercial general contractors to take over.
  • Bunnell Hill Construction
    • Our commercial construction division is known regionally and nationally for its ability to provide premiere commercial and industrial construction services with a single-point-of-contact between developers, engineers, subcontractors and local governments. Just and Henkle Schueler and BHD’s services overlap to provide clients seamless transition in their growth process, BHD’s back-end services overlap with Bunnell Hill Construction’s, keeping everyone on the same page with zoning, budgeting, and creating an efficient timeline.
  • Schueler Group Property Management
    • Our in-house site management company maintains millions of square feet of Schueler Group properties for lease, including retail, office, industrial and mixed-use spaces. With premium, 360-degree site management services, they ensure our clients get the best property for them, and that it’s renovated to their specifications, maintained thoroughly, and updated when needed.

Let us Help You Fuel Your Business Growth & Find Your Path to the Future

And at every step of the way, our brokerage firm can call on the expertise of our development, construction and property management divisions to answer any questions you may have relating to those areas. Commercial realty may be at the heart of what we do, but our land development, commercial construction and site management branches allow us to be much more than just a commercial real estate company. No matter how extensive your new project is, we have the resources to get you through it, start to finish.

We’ve been brokering commercial realty transactions for most of a century. In terms of turnkey commercial real estate services in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, you won’t find better.

In the market for a commercial property, including industrial land, warehouses, office space, and more? Take a look at our property listings.

Our Mission

Our business is your business. We are an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio with the experience and teams necessary to be with you every step of the way on your next real estate project. Research by industry leading experts side-by-side with top-of-the-line construction and management services, this is what we bring to every project we are involved with. The Schueler Group wants to bring your project to fruition, on budget and on time.

Commercial General Contractors should have Diverse Project Portfolios

Your commercial construction project is as unique as your business, and its success is important for your company growth. The contractor who designs and builds your commercial building is what will largely determine the success of the project, its budget and its timeline. Choose a general contractor that focuses on your region, but is regularly hired for projects nationwide. They should understand the new industrial construction methods for clients focused on sustainable and zero-energy facilities, and they should have several long-term clients. Lastly, they should have quality sub-contractors on-hand, and should be adept at working with engineers, brokers and developers.

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