BUNNELL HILL Development

The choice of purchasing and developing land for your current or future business is a complicated process, but our commercial land and property development company deftly navigates the land development process for you with nearly 50 years of experience developing commercial properties nationally and in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky real estate markets. Working closely with our commercial agents and brokers on the front end, and our in-house commercial contractors on the back end, we manage all stages of the process, including site selection, market analysis, pre-development planning, regulatory approval, municipal incentives, site development, construction and financing.

Bunnell Hill Development: Five Decades of Commercial Growth

We are Schueler Group’s in-house commercial real estate development company. In 1975, our founders assembled 3,000 acres of land intended for future development, and we’ve been expanding our holdings and providing land development services for our region ever since.

Located in Lebanon, Ohio, we’re proud to serve both new and repeat clients nationally as well as throughout Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky tri-state areas. We help each of our clients jump through all the hoops necessary to get straight through the stages of land development, construction, and site management with as little difficulty as possible.

Skilled Land Services for Commercial & Industrial Clients Looking to Expand

Our staff at Bunnell Hill Development is adept at providing optimal and efficient site selection and land development services for growing companies of all sizes.

We are accomplished at guiding both small and large-scale projects through the complex process of commercial or industrial site selection, thorough research and market analysis, pre-development planning, regulatory approval, municipal incentives, land development, contracting and construction, and managing financing throughout the process. We are not only Southwest Ohio’s foremost commercial land developers, but we’re the only ones who are part of Schueler Group’s vertically integrated divisions that offer comprehensive commercial real estate services. We work closely with Henkle Schueler’s brokers and agents as well as our commercial contractors at Bunnell Hill Construction to streamline each client’s path, from site selection to completed construction.

Property Types

  • Land Development
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Medical Office
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Mixed-Use


  • Site Selection
  • Pre-development
  • Budgeting
  • Site Planning & Zoning
  • Alternative Financing
  • Market Analysis
  • Build-to-Suit for Lease
  • Municipal Incentives
  • Partnership Structuring
  • Master Planning & Design
  • Marketing


“Working with Kevin has been a pleasure from the very beginning of our project. We appreciate his efforts to help push the deal through with the city. The Schueler Group staff is a very cooperative team to work with. Things happen as promised and on-budget.”



Whether you’re starting a new business or planning a company expansion, our team of experts will help you navigate the complicated commercial real estate process. From finding the right agent for your needs to finalizing construction plans, let the Schueler Group of Companies fuel your business growth. What makes us unique is how we vertically integrate each stage of the land development and real estate development processes on each project we complete. Businesses looking to expand into our region come to The Schueler Group because they know our comprehensive commercial real estate services are unmatched. Our deep understanding of the best strategies to expand a business come from decades of presence in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky commercial real estate markets. Whether corporate growth or a small business expansion, we make the process straightforward and your path to the future easy. Take a look at our process below, where we outline what each of our divisions do and how they work together to create a seamless, single-point-of-contact process that encompasses every step of the commercial real estate development process.

Finding a warehouse to buy can make sense for many reasons

Why buy a warehouse? Plenty of reasons, beyond the most obvious one of needing space in which to store extra product inventory. With an increasing percentage of consumer retail buying moving online, selling from a warehouse can replace having to maintain a walk-in store. A warehouse used for storage can also serve as office or production space, and if all its square footage isn’t being used, the extra space can provide additional revenue if it’s rented to another commercial user, in fact, some people purchase warehouses just to rent them out in this way. And if you do need storage space for your own business, owning a warehouse can cost less than renting – especially if other tenants are paying you rent.

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