Purchasing Farmland Can be a Smart Investment


A famous old real estate chestnut attributed to Mark Twain urges investors to “buy land – they’re not making it anymore.” While the wisdom of the advice as a blanket statement may be open to question, its basic premise that land is in limited supply is obviously true – especially so for agricultural property. This type of acreage, while it typically costs less per acre than developed land, has historically tended to offer better-than-inflation returns and a good way to diversify a portfolio and protect against market volatility. Buying farmland is becoming an increasingly popular avenue of investment, especially among those who aim to develop the land for residential or commercial use. 

Why Acreage in Southwest Ohio is Perfect for Commercial Real Estate Development

We were founded in Lebanon, OH along what is now the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor, so Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky real estate has always been our focus. We’ve spent decades accruing the best pieces of empty acreage and farmland available for land development, because as Twain said – there’s a limited amount available. Our region’s geology makes developing land easy compared to other parts of the country. The open, shallow rolling hills make terraforming and regrading land to prep it for building foundations a fairly simple process. This also means factors like running utility lines doesn’t have to be an expensive feat of engineering. And because we’re so familiar with the area’s existing farmland on the market, we can give you great advice on what a commercial or industrial development project would look like from start to finish.

We’ve Bought and Sold Farmland for the Better Part of a Century

Right from its beginnings, the Schueler Group of companies has handled farm properties; in fact, we were founded in Lebanon, Ohio in 1935 as a farm brokerage. One of the most noteworthy deals ever brokered by our founder, George Henkle was the sale of 1,500 acres of arable land which is now the home of the Kings Island amusement and water park. We understand the tax and other legal implications involved in agricultural land deals, and can help you assess the potential of a site as income property or for commercial development.

View available farm sites, which are included in our residential land listings, and tell you why you should consider agricultural acreage as the site for your next venture in commercial construction.

Our Mission

Our business is your business. As an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio, we are a single point of contact designed to make your path to the future easier. Our goal is to deliver seamlessly, on budget and on time.

A Few Steps to Follow When Looking for Commercial Real Estate

When you are looking for real estate for your business, be sure to follow a few simple steps. First, make a list of everything you are looking for in your commercial real estate. Whether you are looking for warehouse space, retail space, land to build or property for other reasons, make sure you know what you need. It’s also important to decide on the general area where you want your property to be. Another important step is to find out what your employees think about real estate options. They know your business well and can offer important input. Be sure to also study the areas where you are looking at properties. See if the properties around will help your business to grow, or if they could hinder your growth.

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