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A prime, well-located piece of developable land can be an excellent investment and offer you a wide range of development opportunities. However, before you can develop a plot of land, you need to understand what is possible on that particular site, and to draft a workable, affordable plan to maximize its potential. This requires understanding both the geology and topography of the land, and the regulatory landscape of the site in terms of local zoning restrictions. 

An experienced, full-service commercial real estate company that can provide land development services will help you better understand a site’s potential for development and future return on investment. They can also facilitate the land development and commercial construction processes, from site selection and purchase to construction and future site management. Every commercial real estate venture is complicated in its own right; having a single point of contact throughout the process takes the confusion out of the process. That’s where we come in.

Why Commercial Land Acquisition is a Hot Investment Right Now

Believe it or not, empty lots of land are an excellent investment opportunity. Industrially-zoned land, both inside and outside of business parks, is at a prime, as the demand for warehouse and distribution space is at an all-time high and will only continue to grow. Farmland is a great investment for people wanting to enter the agricultural business, as well as people looking to redevelop agricultural land for a new commercial use.

Acreage on the market will continue to increase in value as the limited supply of undeveloped land shrinks while the demand for it grows. And in our region, this opportunity is further enhanced by topography that makes empty parcels simple to develop.

Cincinnati Has Enjoyed Ongoing Development in the Commercial/Industrial Sector

The Cincinnati area stands as an unrivaled hotspot for developing commercial land. Its allure lies in its strategic location as a logistics and distribution hub. Nestled at the crossroads of major transportation arteries, including I-71, I-75, I-275, I-70, and I-675, this region offers businesses a gateway to the heartland of America. Its proximity to the CVG international airport further amplifies its logistical prowess. It grants swift access to both national and international markets.

This position has made Cincinnati into a haven for e-commerce giants and industrial warehouses. In the last decade the rise of e-commerce has been undeniable and difficult to keep up with. The demand for well-located, efficiently operated warehousing and distribution centers has surged. Cincinnati, with its extensive network of highways, facilitates the efficient movement of goods. Anywhere to and from markets in the Midwest, South, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions. It’s the central cog in the machinery of modern commerce. It offers a prime launchpad for businesses looking to tap into the vast consumer base of these regions.

Moreover, Cincinnati’s appeal isn’t confined to its excellent connectivity alone. It boasts a wealth of developable and pre-developed land. Outside of the established industrial parks there are plenty zoned for light-industrial purposes. You can’t go wrong with a manufacturing center within one of the area’s business parks or a speculative warehouse build close to the airport. Cincinnati provides the canvas for your commercial aspirations. As e-commerce continues to eclipse traditional retail, Cincinnati’s strategic advantages lets it accommodate and promote this transformative growth in the commercial-industrial real estate sector.

Land Development & Commercial Construction: Our Values

With over 85 years of experience in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky commercial and industrial real estate, we’ve helped countless businesses, local and national, grow into new markets and new spaces. Our portfolio of industrial projects alone is both extensive and diverse, and our array of commercial properties for lease, like office spaces and warehouses, offer avenues towards growth for any business.

Schueler Group also understands the need for a focus on minimizing environmental impact in commercial development and construction projects; our land developers and general contractors enjoy working with clients interested in sustainable, zero-energy, no-waste industrial development, construction and operation. Curious about our efforts in eco-conscious commercial construction? Check out our past projects with Melink Corp., one of which was the first LEED Gold-certified industrial mixed-use building in Ohio.

Our goal is always to make your path to the future easier, and a healthy path forward for any growing business should include future sustainability in some way. We can get you there.

Bunnell Hill Development: Our Land Development Services Division

One of the four integrated divisions of Schueler Group is our in-house land development services company, Bunnell Hill Development. With nearly 4 decades of experience transforming arable acreage, farmland and business park parcels into developable commercial-industrial lots, BHD helps growing businesses, both large and small, with the complicated process between completing site acquisition and beginning construction of the industrial property.

Land development in the commercial-industrial real estate markets is more complicated than with private land or general commercial land zoned for retail, office or mixed-use. Heavy-duty infrastructure, nuances of zoning, strict codes and accessibility for large equipment all need to be factored into budgeting, planning and financing. And that’s all before the design/build process our general contractors take over.

BHD is an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to an industrial build project, facilitating the complicated process of commercial land development in a way that moves clients seamlessly from the brokerage stage to the commercial construction stage.

Both Bunnell Hill Development and their partners at Bunnell Hill Construction understand how to develop creative strategies for businesses looking to grow with a construction project that does minimal harm to the environment. New technology, experience and skill have allowed BHC to complete several eco-friendly, sustainable industrial construction projects, and they can easily tailor your project to focus in on those values as well.

Bunnell Hill Development works closely with our commercial contractors at Bunnell Hill Construction on commercial land development projects for growing small and medium businesses, like office space, retail space, and residential developments. Whatever kind of project you’re looking at, BHD has the resources and expertise to transform a raw lot of land into one ready to build on.

We’re Four Land & Property Development Companies in One

Schueler Group is the expert in local land development, with a long list of experience in brokering and developing sites in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and the surrounding areas. We offer a large listing portfolio of top properties in the region, including parcels of farmland for sale and commercial land for lease. We also market more than 20 business parks with over 3,000 acres located near major interstate routes.

Our 4 real estate development companies are vertically integrated, meaning we can cover every aspect of a land acquisition, development, construction and site management process. Alongside BHD and BHC, Henkle Schueler brokers commercial land transactions at the front end of the process, and Schueler Group Property Management can handle ongoing site and facilities management at the back end of the process.

We can provide you with a complete set of land development services. We’ll locate the best site for your needs, obtain financing, identify local government incentives, facilitate zoning and planning approval, and more! Just a few of the things we can help you with include:

  • Site selection
  • Planning & zoning guidance
  • Alternative financing
  • Commercial land development market analysis
  • Municipal incentives
  • Land syndications

Need new commercial land to grow your business? We’ll help you find it, buy or lease it, develop and manage it. Is your business looking to expand into a new space? Check out our extensive property and commercial land listings.

Our Mission

Our business is your business. We are an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio with the experience and teams necessary to be with you every step of the way on your next real estate project. Research by industry leading experts side-by-side with top-of-the-line construction and management services, this is what we bring to every project we are involved with. The Schueler Group wants to bring your project to fruition, on budget and on time.

Schueler Group’s Nationally-Renowned Cincinnati Commercial Construction Company

One of the 4 integrated companies at The Schueler Group is our commercial general contractor, Bunnell Hill Construction. They are known for their ability to design, plan and construct state-of-the-art, custom industrial and commercial facilities for clients across the country. Named the best commercial construction company in Ohio, they’re specifically known for completing these projects expertly – on time and on budget. With dozens of projects across the country and a commitment to local Cincinnati economic growth, Bunnell Hill Construction offers comprehensive commercial construction services for clients of all sizes, with a focus on long-term relationships.

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