If You’re Looking to Lease Land Rather Than Buy, We’ve got You Covered

In obtaining a piece of land for commercial development, it’s probably more common to buy than to lease. But sometimes leasing can make good sense from a business point of view for both landlord and tenant.

Why Land Leases Carry Some Advantages Over an Outright Purchase

A land lease, or a ground lease as it is sometimes called, usually runs for a fairly long period of time – 50 years or more is not uncommon. Often the tenant will construct a new building on the leased property, and under the lease terms they may then own the new facility, which may or may not revert to the landowner at the conclusion of the lease.

Sometimes leasing a piece of commercial acreage in a prime location is a good idea for the leasing party simply because the land is not for sale, and renting it is the only way to get access to the site for purposes of development. These sites are typically part of business parks, which are large collections of land holdings that the owner typically sells or leases pieces of, creating a concentrated area of commercial industry. Some restaurant chains, for example, make extensive use of land leases for this reason.

How Land Leases Increase Capital for Both Tenant and Landlord

Leasing land rather than purchasing it also typically requires less up-front cash, which leaves the party developing the site with more funds to devote to other business needs. And with the right leasing terms, the landowner will sometimes put up the land as collateral to secure the loan to finance the construction, essentially becoming a partner in the business venture.

Landowners like ground leases because they allow them to retain ownership of the land while generating a steady income from rent. We have a wide array of land for lease, both in our many business parks and as stand-alone sites for land development.

We’ve Collected an Extensive Portfolio of Prime Sites

From the time of our founding in 1935 as a farm brokerage, the Schueler Group has assembled some of the most desirable parcels of commercial land in the Cincinnati-Dayton and Northern Kentucky region, many of them located along major interstates, including 3,000 acres in more than 20 business parks.

If you’re looking to lease a well-located site on which to build a new business facility, we have plenty for you to choose from. We also have the expertise to assist you with working out the most favorable leasing terms, planning and obtaining financing for your project, and even designing and construction your new commercial facility for you.

Learn more about our business parks here, and contact one of our commercial real estate agents today to discuss why we’re your best choice for leasing land in our region. Whether your business is in the commercial, industrial or residential market, we’ve got you covered.

Our Mission

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