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Our focus is always to help our clients grow. Every new business development project we undertake helps us grow as a company, and it also allows us to help expand commerce in our own communities. Follow the latest news and updates from all divisions of the Schueler Group, a single point of contact for commercial real estate services. 

Local Commercial Real Estate is a Promising but Complicated Market

Cincinnati’s industrial and commercial real estate markets have a long history of steady growth that has only increased in the last decade. There’s a lot going on: an international airport, distribution centers for corporate giants, historic small towns ready to revitalize, and topography that makes land development and construction simple (read: affordable). But all these factors weave together in a way that each boosts the growth of the other. Big companies looking to expand into Midwest markets enter the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor and add jobs to the area. This, in turn, puts money into the local economies of those small communities, boosting quality of life and small business success; which is why the area is going to keep on growing.

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