Our Team


Schueler Group is a single point-of-contact commercial property developer that provides comprehensive real-estate services: from selling or leasing commercial properties, to land development and commercial construction, to property management, brokerage and more. We were founded in the 1930’s, and since then we’ve worked diligently to acquire a wide array of the region’s most compelling commercial and industrial property listings. Our companies work together to provide our clients with industrial and commercial real estate services that encompass the entire development process. Our goal is to plan and complete your custom project on budget and on time.


Schueler Group’s executive team, headed by Chairman and CEO Mike Schueler, are the foundation of each and every one of our commercial real estate projects. They work together with corporate staff from all our divisions on brokerage, site selection, land development, and commercial construction services. Our executive team is local to the Cincinnati-Dayton area and is committed to helping businesses grow and prosper in our region and beyond. These professionals are the basis for our ability to function as a full-service commercial real estate company.


What’s the difference in residential vs commercial real estate agents? Knowledge of local industry and economies, for one. Understanding the complicated and sometimes convoluted processes of commercial and industrial real estate is another. This is a whole different field, and our commercial real estate agents are experts in it. We know that positive relationships and effective communication make the difference in the experience and efficiency of your project. Because of our understanding of the marketplace, our commercial real estate agents and brokers are sensitive to our clients’ needs and ready to overcome any obstacles or challenges in the buying or leasing process.


Our dedicated team supports the work of our overall organization and its mission. These corporate professionals have decades upon decades of experience in commercial real estate between them. They are the liaisons that coordinate all our services and keep us organized and on budget. This team is absolutely integral to our success and growth as the leading comprehensive commercial real estate firm in both the Cincinnati-Dayton and Northern Kentucky commercial real estate markets. Find contacts for human resources, media relations and additional corporate inquiries.

Things to consider when looking to lease commercial property

So you need a great site for your business expansion or new venture. First you need to find it; then once you have, you must decide whether you should buy it or rent it. Multiple factors should be taken into account when deciding whether to purchase or lease a commercial property. Successfully renting a property for commercial use – whether you’re in the market for office, retail, mixed-use, industrial or some other type of space – requires not only identifying the right location, but knowing what kind of lease best suits your needs, what to include in it, and more. Before signing, be sure you understand the type of lease, who is required to pay for what, and the potential size of whatever costs you agree to cover.

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