Our Services Don’t Have to end Once Your Business Opens

When we say we offer comprehensive commercial real estate services, we really do mean comprehensive. If you’re looking to buy, lease or develop a commercial property, you need different commercial real estate and land development services at different stages of the process. You may need the services of a realtor to help you find a site, a planner to help you work out the details of your development project, a general contractor to design and build a new facility, and once your business is up and running, a management firm to oversee operation and maintenance of your commercial site.

Our Vertically Integrated Team Is Here to Help You

Using a vertically integrated real estate team for commercial uses makes everything easier. We offer the most straightforward route to help you grow your business or expand your portfolio. This approach streamlines the entire real estate process. We’re here from property identification and acquisition to management and development. The convenience of a vertically integrated service helps you to capitalize on opportunities. We’re here to help you make informed decisions and improve your real estate investments with greater ease. It simplifies the complexities of the real estate market. You can focus on strategic growth and ensuring that every aspect of your property portfolio meets your goals.

One of Our Teams Is Here to Help with Site Management

One of the four vertically integrated property service firms that make up our company is Schueler Group Property Management, which specializes in site management of newly-constructed commercial properties as well as leased commercial buildings. Our team of skilled professional staff has years of experience in managing more than a million square feet of business space in Ohio and other states, including properties both large and small in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

Leave the Management Details to Us

No matter what sort of business facility you have – industrial, medical, office, retail or just about anything else – our site management arm can handle its day-to-day operation and upkeep. Our staff includes skilled commercial contractors ready to deal promptly with any electrical, plumbing or HVAC issues that may arise. We offer a round-the-clock service request line with a service supervisor available at all times and have established contractual relationships with outside vendors that allow for a rapid response to any maintenance emergencies. 

Our customized system for tracking work orders from start to finish cuts down on delays and makes sure any problems are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through our other in-house firms that specialize in real estate development and commercial construction, we can also assist with your space planning and construction or renovation needs, as well as providing any necessary completed property inspections.

Whether you’re a small retail shop or a 200,000 square-foot distribution facility, our property management staff can provide property administration, facilities management and tenant finish services. Let us worry about managing your commercial site so you can concentrate on what’s important: the success and the growth of your business.

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Our Mission

Our business is your business. We are an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio with the experience and teams necessary to be with you every step of the way on your next real estate project. Research by industry leading experts side-by-side with top-of-the-line construction and management services, this is what we bring to every project we are involved with. The Schueler Group wants to bring your project to fruition, on budget and on time.

The Distinct Advantages of Acquiring Commercial Acreage for Sale near Cincinnati

Undertaking a commercial-industrial construction project is a big step in any company’s growth process, large or small. It’s a big investment in resources, time and money, so the goal is as simple and streamlined of a process as possible. The commercial land you choose is the foundation of that process. The reason land in Southwest Ohio is so amenable to commercial construction projects is because of the mild topography, which means ease of infrastructure building, access, and utility installation. With many commercial lots for sale in existing business parks, you can also ensure the land you buy is in an ideal location to get your business’ new phase started off on the right foot.

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