Get into a customized commercial space with help from a single, multi-faceted company

Maybe it starts with just an idea, to launch a new business or expand an existing one. To advance from that idea to the stage of opening the doors on your new customized commercial facility may take many steps, each of them with its own challenges and complications. You might have to find a suitable piece of land, obtain it by lease or purchase, plan for its development, and design and construct a new facility, or renovate an existing one so that it that meets your needs and matches your vision for growth.

At each of those steps you will want expert guidance. But that doesn’t have to mean dealing with multiple firms with individual expertise in commercial real estate brokerage, planning, development, construction and property management. The Schueler Group of Companies has individual teams devoted to those specialties all under one roof, allowing us to offer turnkey real estate development that puts you into a new space that’s just the way you want it from day one.

We know every aspect of property development

Here’s an example of one way that this could happen. One of our clients, a bank, reached out to us, saying they needed a new headquarters, and would entrust us with handling the entire process from start to finish. We identified and put together an appropriate piece of land, purchased it, developed it, designed the new building to our client’s specifications, arranged financing for the project, and finally, built the facility as construction contractor. All the bank needed to do was to take possession of their new site and move in when it was finished.

That client knew that our four vertically integrated companies could cover all phases that are involved in taking a plan for a new building from an idea to a reality, what they ended up with was a set of keys to a new headquarters that was just as they had envisioned it, and ready for use.

In addition to our 360-degree commercial real estate expertise, another factor that allows us to do this is the close working relationship our representatives and agents establish with each client. Whether you need our help with every step of the process or only with some of them, we will work closely with you as a team, to make sure the details of location, price and building design meet with your satisfaction and approval.

The result will be the new facility you wanted, just as you wanted it, and ready for you to start doing business in it. And it will be ready within your budget, and on schedule.

All you will need to do is move in.

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Our Mission

Our business is your business. As an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio, we are a single point of contact designed to make your path to the future easier. Our goal is to deliver seamlessly, on budget and on time.

You Can Rely On a Veteran Commercial Real Estate Broker

We’ve been a broker of business properties in the Cincinnati/Dayton/northern Kentucky area for over 80 years – that’s how our business started out in 1935. Since that time our familiarity with this market has only gotten wider and deeper. With a portfolio of listings that includes retail and industrial sites, offices, business parks, undeveloped acreage, and more, we will work to find you a good-looking, optimally located property for your commercial project, and be with you from the time you start shopping for a site, to the day you cut the ribbon on your new business. Whatever the size and ambition of your plans, we’ll sweat the details to help you find success in the best location.

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