Four integrated firms focused jointly on meeting your real estate needs

The process of finding, buying or leasing, and developing a piece of commercial property has many steps, each bringing its own set of complications and calling for its own kind of expertise. When you work with the Schueler Group, you’re getting the services of four interconnected commercial real estate companies under one roof, each devoted to a particular aspect of this multi-step process.

For buying or selling commercial property, whether an existing facility or undeveloped acreage, you can rely on Henkle Schueler & Associates, a top real estate brokerage firm with long experience and extensive listings in the greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky region.

We’ll help both before and after you buy or lease

For help with planning how to develop a property look to Bunnell Hill Development, formed more than four decades ago for the purpose of developing the 3,000 acres put together by our founders. Whether you need assistance with site selection, financing, market assessment, development planning, or zoning approval, their team can help see any size project through to success.

Our integrated stable of companies also includes our own building contractor, Bunnell Hill Construction, which can serve as general contractor for any design and/or construction that may be called for in a development project.

Once your business venture is up and running, you can if you choose leave the management of your commercial property to Schueler Group Property Management. They’ve managed business properties large and small throughout the Cincinnati-Dayton markets for over 20 years.

Our four companies handle every facet of commercial property.

Learn more about our multi-talented team.

Our Mission

Our business is your business. As an established, respected and comprehensive real estate company headquartered in Southwest Ohio, we are a single point of contact designed to make your path to the future easier. Our goal is to deliver seamlessly, on budget and on time.

Choose From a Full Spectrum of Land Development Services

Building up a new commercial property can be a long-term venture, with many different steps and phases. Finding an appropriate site; negotiating terms to secure it by purchase or lease; conducting market research; assessing the location’s topology; making sure you’ll be in compliance with local land use regulations; designing and building new facilities – you may need to do all of these things and more before your plans can come to fruition. If you’re pursuing a new commercial venture, at every one of these steps we can help you to commercially develop a piece of land so that the result is most beneficial to you. We can even provide property management services for your new commercial operation once it’s up and running.

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