FedEx Ground, Lebanon, OH

FedEx Ground, Lebanon, OH


Bunnell Hill Construction built a 180,000 SF distribution facility for FedEx Ground in Lebanon, Ohio. In early November, 2012 we were challenged by FedEx to improve the targeted completion date by 1 month, in essence moving the due date up from March 1 to February 1, 2013.  Understanding the challenge our Team Leader, Project Manager, Superintendent and sub-contractors met to work out the feasibility of the request. With collaboration from all the Project Team accepted the new due date and completed the project by February 1.

FedEx is a world leader in connecting people through efficient homer and commercial service and we have worked with them on a variety of projects for their Freight and Ground facilities.


Need New Land to Develop? Check out the Farmland for Sale in Southwest Ohio

The region that spans the Cincinnati-Dayton area and Northern Kentucky has a great selection of agricultural land available for development. It’s a great choice for any business looking to develop land for a new location, because the local economies in this area are enthusiastic about growing industry. And the topography of the region makes all the empty, undeveloped acreage prime choices for new commercial construction. Easy, shallow, rolling hills mean regrading a plot of land isn’t too difficult, and neither is getting construction materials to the site, or hooking up new infrastructure for utilities. It’s a great area to consider for your next commercial land purchase.

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