How to Make Your Commercial Project a Success

How to Make Your Commercial Project a Success

Kevin Scott, President of Bunnell Hill Construction has a featured article in the Cincinnati Business Courier on How to Make Your Commercial Project a Success.

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Your organization has determined that it’s time to construct a new facility. Not only is this likely the most significant expense you will undertake, but it will also disrupt your business. It becomes something else to focus on while your core business still demands 100 percent of your attention.

Here’s what matters most with your project:


Work with an organization who has a large land portfolio and relationships with those who have land. Your future location will make all of the difference. This means a location that works for the business that you transact and for your employees.

Your site will differentiate you from your competitors. It’s about having “the place” that offers the signage and access to take your enterprise into the future.
Our team can seamlessly work to present site options including assisting with state and local incentives.  Once the best location is determined we can design and build to suit your project, and if necessary finance and manage your asset.

Negotiation of local and state incentives:

Work with an organization who knows the ins and outs of how incentives work. This will save you money. Pick a construction organization who has the track record and can successfully negotiate state and local incentives.

On Budget and On Time:

Select an organization with a reputation for delivering on time and on budget. Do your homework and know the integrity of the people with whom you will work. Your team should be able to deliver from land selection, financing, construction, and management.

This means that your builders should have relationships with subcontractors that ensure transparently and focus on pricing and time efficiency.

Mastery of building diversity includes:

An organization who specializes in state-of-the-art building practices and is experienced in all practices. This includes what works best in todays market that include:

Concrete Hard Wall system: it offers speed and cost-effectiveness. Knowledge of the hard wall concrete systems ensures that your selected design team is able to incorporate color, texture and graphic design that provide a unique edge.

Metal building systems:  recognized for their design flexibility, sustainable construction and energy efficiency.  Their use has grown for commercial and industrial applications and comprise over half of the low-rise construction built in the United States. Custom designed to meet your specific project requirements; metal buildings provide an important alternative.

A vision:

Select an organization who shares your vision of a new facility or space. Full disclosure, I lead an organization who is uniquely situated to deliver on all of these services. We can take you from start to finish. We look forward to your call.


Kevin Scott is president of Bunnell Hill Construction/Schueler Group. He has 23 years of experience as a leader in the construction management industry.

Click here to view the article on the Cincinnati Business Courier’s site.

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