Apex Eye Offers a Visually Appealing Office Space

Apex Eye Offers a Visually Appealing Office Space

Apex Eye’s New “Residential-Style” Offices in Mason

Schueler Group completed construction of a 10,000 SF medical office space for APEX Eye at their development located off Tylersville Road at 6150 Radio Way, in Mason, OH.

“Dr. Edward Meier, our client and a highly-acclaimed ophthalmologist, has high standards for his practice and for his patients. He wanted the new facility to have the elements that people are accustomed to in residential settings, but in the commercial environment,” Dan Thomas, Schueler Group Project Manager, said.

This is something that is unique, but also becoming more common. Often the look and feel that is in our homes is something that clients would like to see reflected in their workplaces. In order to replicate this takes creativity and familiarity with materials. Dan Thomas has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years, so he was the perfect choice to manage this unique commercial building project.

Schueler Group’s On-Site Management Teams up with KBA Architects

Mark Hail, Schueler Group Superintendent, managed the Apex Eye project on site.  Mark has over 25 years of construction and property management experience. Dan and Mark were pleased to apply their extensive experience while working with KBA Architects through this process, and appreciated the trust Dr. Meier and his team placed in the Schueler Group.

“We are pleased when we complete a project like Apex Eye as it truly demonstrates impeccable work, stellar design and a client who understood how these vehicles would impact his own business. It has been an honor to work with the team at Apex Eye,” Thomas said.

Diverse Expertise in Commercial Construction Optimizes Projects

Dan and Mark came to the project with vast and diverse backgrounds. Their experiences in all aspects of the design-build process, construction management and specialization with working in a fast-paced environment brought all components of Apex Eye in on time and on budget.

“Having Dan and Mark on my team makes all of the difference, and truly showcases the Schueler Group commitment to our clients,” stated Kevin Scott, President of Bunnell Hill/Schueler Group Construction Company.

Thanks to all our team members who brought their distinct skills and experience together to create this beautiful and inviting office space for Apex Eye.


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