Schueler Group Hires New CFO

Schueler Group Hires New CFO

November 1, 2018 – LEBANON, OH – Michael Caruso has joined Schueler Group (SG) as Chief Financial Officer.

“We are excited and pleased to have Michael join our executive team. He brings leadership experience and knowledge that will be an integral part of the growth and expansion of Schueler Group,” stated Mike Schueler.

Michael is responsible for corporate financial relationships. The SG controller and information officer will report to him.

Michael previously worked at Morris Furniture Company, Inc. in Dayton as CFO for four years. Prior to that he was Vice President, Accounting, Finance, and IT for Lastar, Inc., (Dayton).

Upon graduating from Miami University (Ohio), Michael began his career at NCR where he worked for 16 years. His last position with the company was Director Resource Management.

He graduated from Miami University with a double major, Bachelor in Finance and Bachelor in Accounting. He received his MBA, Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University San Diego (CA).

Michael is delighted to join Schueler Group during such a strong period of company growth, and looks forward to helping that to continue.

He resides in Dayton with his wife of 25 years and their four children.


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