Bunnell Hill Development Begins Site Work on Second PetSuites location in Houston, TX

Bunnell Hill Development Begins Site Work on Second PetSuites location in Houston, TX

PetSuites of America, Inc. Official Site Pet Resort & Spa in the Houston, Texas market. This facility will be located at 8320 Copper Creek Lane in the Master Planned Community of Sienna Plantation, Missouri City, Tx. This 14,000 SF tilt-up concrete building will be a new prototype building design for PetSuites. The project is scheduled to be completed in June 2019.

Astronomic Growth in the Commercial Pet Care Industry

More people than ever are taking their pet care to a new level, especially millennials. It’s easy to spot this trend – scroll through any social media platform and the majority of posts will likely include cute animals. The pet care industry has grown well over 60% in the last ten years, and that trajectory doesn’t seem to be losing momentum any time soon. All this demand for professional pet services like daycare, boarding, spa treatments and more means new commercial construction across the US. State-of-the-art pet care facilities are on the rise, and we are excited to get to participate in its growth.

We Took Our Comprehensive Real Estate Development Services to Texas!

PetSuites, based in Erlanger, KY, named Schueler Group as one of their national development teams. Our commercial real estate agents and brokers research new markets and potential land sales for PetSuites, who currently have locations in 14 states. Now our partnership with PetSuites has taken us out of our normal Cincinnati-Dayton market and all the way to Houston, TX. Our commercial contractors at Bunnell Hill are excited to work in a new location in an unfamiliar market. We never know where repeat clients like PetSuites are going to take us next, and we’re excited to continue this partnership with PetSuites and help them continue to grow.


Consider these Factors in Choosing a Commercial Property for Lease

There’s more to think about than rent and square footage when it comes to signing a commercial lease. You’ve got location to consider – how established is the area? How accessible is it to major highways? You’ve got market projections – how certain is the economic growth in the area? You’ve got tax incentives like abatements and reductions, and you’ve got lease incentives like build-to-suit and site management services. Work with a property developer that rents commercial properties, sells them, builds them, runs business parks, and syndicates land and other properties. That way, you can ensure no matter your needs, they’ve got the resources to get it done for you.

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