Bunnell Hill Construction Wraps up Natorp’s Outlet Expansion

Bunnell Hill Construction Wraps up Natorp’s Outlet Expansion

Bunnell Hill Construction recently finished construction on the 3,500 SF retail expansion at the Natorp’s Nursery Outlet Garden Center, located on the northeast side of Cincinnati just off I-71. With the new space, Natorp’s expanded their interior retail store front to allow for additional checkout lanes, two new offices, a breakroom and new restrooms. 

With an aggressive schedule, BHC provided the necessary commercial construction management services to coordinate and complete a project like this successfully. They led a team of the area’s best subcontractors to not only meet the ambitious deadline but complete the project under budget. The project wrapped up just in time for Natorp’s busy spring season, so now Natorp can grow their business along with the growing season! The addition has been well received and Natorp’s hosting some of their busiest weekends in recent history.

Being the area’s longest-standing and foremost full service real estate development company, helping local businesses grow and thrive is of special importance to us. Thank you to Natorp family for this opportunity! 


How do real estate services leverage their expertise to expand your business?

Real estate experts play a key role in helping companies expand their commercial operations into new markets. These services can help businesses find the right location for their new offices or warehouse, negotiate leases, and manage the construction and fit-out of their new premises. Additionally, commercial real estate professionals can provide valuable market insights and advice on property trends, helping companies make informed decisions about where to locate their operations. Commercial real estate services can help businesses grow and succeed by ensuring that they have the right physical space to support their expansion plans.

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