Schueler Group Adds to Accounting Team

Schueler Group Adds to Accounting Team

Michael McDonald has joined Bunnell Hill Development/Schueler Group as the Development Accounting Manager. He attended Loyola University Chicago and is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he received his Finance BSBA degree from the Fisher College of Business.

Michael has experience in various areas of accounting and finance, including land development, property management, international tax law, construction, and construction management. He worked at Vertiv Co in Columbus, OH, and Schumacher-Dugan Construction in West Chester. Michael’s specialized accounting experience is a perfect fit for our commercial land developers at Bunnell Hill, because financial processes in commercial real estate vs residential real estate require specific knowledge and skills.

He is a graduate of St. Xavier High School, and a local resident of Mason, OH.

We’re excited to welcome Michael to the Schueler Group team.


What’s the Difference in a Residential vs Commercial Real Estate Agent?

There are different kinds of real estate, and they each come with their own rules and regulations. Residential and commercial real estate, particularly, require different knowledge and expertise. So, naturally, so should realtors. Residential and commercial real estate agents have different specialties, which is why it’s important to choose a commercial real estate agent for commercial and industrial ventures. Coding, zoning, working with municipalities, and financing are all specific to the commercial real estate industry, so you need someone who specializes in commercial transactions and construction to ensure you have the easiest and most professional experience possible.

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