PetSuites expansion shows how important pets are to us

PetSuites expansion shows how important pets are to us

By Jon Zilch – Development Associate, Bunnell Hill Construction/Schueler Group

Social media tells us that people are crazy about their pets. This is evidenced from Facebook to Instagram – with many pet posts surpassing those of celebrities. Millennials and baby boomers are the two biggest age groups for pet ownership – with millennials just now entering their prime years.

Millennials, and those generations following them, are waiting to have children, choosing to live in more urban environments, and require parks near their living environments. Often these parks are needed so they can walk their dogs. Once the nest is empty from the grown children, baby boomers desire to expand into animal ownership, and much like millennials, they seek optimum care for their furry friends.

American Pet Products Association (APPA) cites that since the mid-1990s Americans have spent close to $70 billion each year on their pets. Currently there are 54.4 million U.S. households with dogs, and 42.9 million owning cats. Many pet category trends focus on health and wellness for pets, closely following human trends.

Public green spaces boast running areas for dogs with watering areas, and are highly pet friendly. People are investing in the health and well-being of their pets. Many have pet health insurance plus pet clothing, toys and gourmet cuisine. Animal care is expanding into pet hospitals and overall pet care.

Another trend, indicated by APPA, is the rapidly growing number of pet households increases the need for quality pet sitters and day care.

A national company is jumping to the fore-front with quality boarding, day care and grooming for pets. PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa has been in business for 15 years, expanding their locations across the U.S. They are specialists in boarding, day care and grooming for cats and dogs.

PetSuites PetResorts & Spas boasts while a safe, healthy and tasteful place for the family pet to stay, the stay is only the beginning of the story. Canine guests enjoy large outdoor play areas 365 days a year. Fresh air and sunshine keep playtime exciting. An indoor play area is a perfect oasis during inclement weather. Grooming and bathing is offered seven days a week for all breeds of dogs. Premium spa packages include the latest treatments such as blueberry facials and deluxe de-shedding to leave pampered pets looking good and feeling great.

This type of care takes all that is relevant to the world of the family animal and expands it into total animal care, feeding and a warm and loving place to stay. While PetSuites originated as a smaller business, their rapid expansion serves that this is not only a trend, but clearly a marked way of life.

Schueler Group’s Bunnell Hill Construction and Development teams have been selected as partners to expand PetSuites locations in the Houston, Texas region. Construction on the first site began in February with additional facilities planned.

This article was featured on the Cincinnati Business Courier Website.


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