Constructing a Zero Energy Building- HQ2 with Melink

Constructing a Zero Energy Building- HQ2 with Melink

The future of commercial real estate and construction is sustainability. As we all move forward into “greener” landscapes, we were excited to work with Melink again on the construction of their second headquarters. Sustainable industrial construction requires a creative, cooperative approach and a willingness to overcome challenges in innovative ways.

Our general contractors at Bunnell Hill have these qualities in spades, so taking Melink’s vision of HQ1 to a new level with HQ2 was not only exciting, but familiar. Working with long-term clients, helping their companies grow, making their visions come to life – that’s what Schueler Group is all about.

Watch the video below where Bunnell Hill Construction President, Kevin Scott and Melink President and CEO, Steve Melink talk about the process of building this zero energy building. 


Tips to Help You Search for the Best Available Industrial Properties for Sale

If you need to purchase a new industrial facility for your business, you’re going to have some pretty specific needs depending on the industry in which you work. Chances are, this is an expansion you’ve planned for and anticipated, but you still get to a point where you don’t have time to vet several commercial real estate companies and go visit countless properties. When you’re looking to buy industrial zoned property, choose a comprehensive commercial real estate group that can not only provide you with exactly what you need, but can make the entire process, from financing to contract to closing, smooth and simple so you can complete your purchase and hit the ground running.

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